Using G10 for multiple carriages

  • Hi,
    I'm using G10 with a Z offset on my U drive to compensate for a volcano nozzle height as opposed to my regular E3D nozzle setup on my X axis.

    Manually when I change tools and then check my Z zero's they work fine. My question/concern is the height shift doesn't happen until I make a move in X or Y. Then the Z axis adjusts to the new correct height. My concern is depending on the move my longer U axis nozzle could crash into the side of my bed while making the height shift. The slightest manual move (1mm) is enough to get the Zshift to happen so I tried adding a "G1 U-1 F500" on the last line of my TFree.g program.

    The problem is it does the 1mm move without the Z height shift. I still have to do a manual move after the tool change to invoke the z height shift. Is they any else I can try?

    Running Duetwifi with 1.19 firmware.

  • administrators

    Perhaps something like this instead of G1 U-1 may work:

    G1 Z1
    G1 Z-1

    Or you may find that this works:

    G1 Z5

  • Thank you David. I will try that tonight and post back.

  • David,
    I tried adding the Z moves in place of the X moves but it still didn't make a difference. It does the actual Z moves that I have in my TFree.g program but the actual G10 offset doesn't take place until I make a move after the tool change is complete.

    Any other suggestions? It's not that big a deal, more of a preventing possible crashes if I'm not paying attention.

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