Slow gcode transfer, Duet v0.8.5

  • I am just curious what the transfer speed should be over ethernet on the duet. I tried transferring a gcode file that was 70mb and the transfer speed was an abysmal 170 kbps.

    Is there anything that would be causing it to be this slow? It is connected to a switch which the transferring computer was also connected.

    Any ideas?

  • administrators

    I just tried uploading a 48Mb file to the Duet 085 in my Ormerod, and it completed at an overall rate of 718kb/sec.

    Some possible causes of slow uploading:

    • Bad or old network switch - can you confirm that is it a 100Mbps or 1Gbps switch, not an old 10Mbps switch?
    • SD card performing very slowly - try another one
    • Other traffic being received by the network causing congestion, possibly spam from outside if your network has any ports open to the Internet.

    If it is a network issue then a Wirechark trace might help to pin it down. But I suggest you try a new SD card first.

    HTH David

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