• Has anybody used Ideamaker slicer on their Duet Wifi as I am trying to set a print off and all I get is lots of oozing as it starts then stops in one spot try to poor like an icecream into a cone.
    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I have not used Ideamaker but i would check if it is using absolute extrusion, while the Duet is set to use relativ extrusion.

    An easy way to check is if the ideamaker gcode has a growing value for the extruder position.

    If it is this then a quick fix is to set your duet to absolute mode by inserting M82 in the start gcode of the file (should be in the slicer start gcode settings. Alternatively set Ideamaker to use relative extruder movement.

  • Still can't get this ideamaker to work, shame as it looked very interesting. Will have to stick with slicer for now.

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