Crazy question.

  • Can I slave E0 and E1 together so that two drivers do the same extrusion steps?

    I am thinking this might allow me to print 2 copies of the same object at the same time with dual e3d heads if they are smaller than the offset of the two print heads.

    Eventually thinking of scaling this up to more heads… but 2 for a test and I was going to do it anyway.

    For the curious:

    Printing OpenForge game/map pieces. Printing 2 or more wall or floor squares at a time would increase productivity immensely.

  • I see the discussion on facebook. Dont need to do that, only use the 2 extruder motors with the same driver.

  • Yeah, I probably will do that for the first test.

  • administrators

    You will need to use both heaters too. So I suggest you wire the two extruders and hot ends as if they are independent. Then define a tool that uses both heaters and both extruders (e.g. to call it tool 0 use M563 P0 H1:2 D0:1) and use tool mixing to set the extrusion ratio to 1:1 (M567 P0 E1:1).

  • Thanks! That sounds a lot better. I knew it would need independent heaters/probes,

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    This type of printing is common on IDEX printers. It requires the two nozzles the be at exactly the same height above the bed. So make sure that is easy to adjust accurately.

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