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  • hello duet I made a short circuit on the wifi card. short circuit possibilities are fans, heaters, temperature sensors, mini z height sensor card. When i plug the card into usb only only 2 leds are lit and the computer can not detect it is there a possibility of repair?

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    I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. Which LEDs are lit; and is there any sign of damage to any ICs on the board, in particular U1 or U2? Also, is there any sign of burning on the SD card?

    If you shorted one of the pins of the WiFi module to a heater or fan connection, then the board is likely to be beyond economic repair because numerous ICs will have failed.

  • I guess the heater and mini height sensor contacted each other. When I plug it to usb, U1 starts heat up right away. Also, when I plug Panel Duo to pc via usb, U1 on panel stars heating. There is no visual. I might have burnt it all. Both duet wifi and panel duo were destroyed.

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    Sadly it sounds that the heater shorted to the +3.3V pin on the IR sensor, and that will have destroyed multiple ICs on the Duet including the processor.

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    On the head part, we have a card to which we plug flex cable. If we add a protection on it, can we avoid these kind of accidents? Do heat and sensors work well?

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    The sensor inputs are already protected fairly well against miswiring. So the main risk is shorting the +3.3V feed to the IR sensor, or the +3.3V feed to an endstop switch (if you use 3-wire endstop switches), to a heater or fan connection. We are considering putting a Schottky diode in series with the 3.3V feed for the next-generation Duet, but that would reduce the voltage to a little under 3V, and we need to make sure that the IR sensor and the Smart Effector can operate on about 2.8V first.

  • Hello there. I bought new duet wifi and panel due. My previous card was burned due to short circuit. I installed a new mini height sensor board on my new card, checked the connections but the leds are dimly lit, so might it be burnt with the old card?

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    If you did get a short between the +3.3V connection and a heater or fan connection, then it's likely to have damaged the IR sensor too because the microcontroller is rated at 6V. I can replace and reprogram the microcontroller for a fee, but unless you are in the UK the carriage costs are likely to make that uneconomic.

  • thank you davit i will order a new card as also the temperature sensor is burnt

    PT100 temperature sensors

    Messages Error: Failed to initialise RTD: bad response from sensor

  • hello, if you can give me the bom list of your height sensor I would like to change

  • I would like to ask if we can connect wifi rc servo motor except 5 step motor

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    hello, if you can give me the bom list of your height sensor I would like to change

    The values and part numbers are listed on the schematic. The resistors and capacitors are all 0603 size and the inductor is 0805.

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    I would like to ask if we can connect wifi rc servo motor except 5 step motor

    I'm sorry, I don't understand the question.

  • İs a short-circuit occasion effect PT100 board? Apart from that, I purchased ATTINY-25-205U Rohs piece but can't find any software for that. Could you help me about this situation?

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    The manufacturer of the PT100 chips claims that the chips are protected against voltages up to +/- 45V on the PT100 terminals. The damage done to your PT100 board was almost certainly caused by the 3.3V power rail being shorted to a higher voltage.

    The firmware source code for programming the attiny on the IT sensor board is on github along with the schematic I linked to earlier.

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