W Axis Endstop

  • I have a machine with 4 independant Carriages (3 extruders and a 5.5 watt laser - X, U, W, V). Everything seems to be working fine, but i added the V Axis and I don't know what to connect that endstop to. I am using the 3.3v magnetic endstop below. I am using this endstop successfully for X, Y and U.

    I currently have the endstop connected to the header through the following:
    pin 2 GND
    pin 3 3.3v
    pin 4 E2_Stop (i think this is the one that gets mapped to the V axis, correct?)

    I have a Duet Ethernet with a 50 pin green breakout board.

    The endstop powers up just fine, but no state change shown in the web interface (on any drive). Am I missing something?


    M584 X6 Y5 Z8:9 U7 V1 W0 E3:4
    M574 X1 Y1 Z1 U2 V1 W1 S1


  • Correction

    pin 4 E2_Stop (i think this is the one that gets mapped to the W axis, correct?)

  • Am I correct?

    The endstop order is:
    U is E0_STP
    V is E1_STP
    W is E2_STP
    A is E3_STP
    B is E4_STP
    C is E5_STP

    As a side note I am using the IR probe so the Z_STP has nothing connected to it.

  • administrators

    In the current firmware, unfortunately that isn't going to work, because endstops 5-9 are read through the SX1509B on the DueX board. I will look at an alternative solution for when there is no DueX board present.

  • I'm not sure i understand.

    Although the pins in the documentation for the expansion header are listed as E2_STOP, E3_STOP, etc. They are un-available? The Pins 4,11,14,19 & 24 do nothing?

    Looking in the schematics on Github, I can see the DueX shows the SX1509B .
    Could I obtain one of the sparkfun boards based in the SX1509B to add these inputs?

    Another option, maybe. I am running the breakout board as I have closed-loop drivers and motors (steppers with an encoder) that require the step and direction signals. I had ordered a DueX5 f/w V0.8 with my Duet. I was under the impression that i could not use the external drives with that expansion board. The documents on Github indicate that "The E2-E5 testpoints are not required for ATE however they do provide a point for users to add step/dir/enable headers for external drivers in extrimis". I assume that the exclusion of E6 is a typo as I see the pads for E6.

    I am happy to solder headers onto those points, if it is possible. I am assuming these are 3.3v logic on those points?

  • Whoops, wiki shows 4,11,14,19 & 24 as stops on the JPG expansion header .jpg. The document on github shows them as the inputs for the SX1509B.

  • I've added headers to the step/dir/en pads on the DueX5. Assuming its 3.3v logic, I've added a logic converter to get the signals step/dir signals to external drives to 5V.

    No motion. Do i need to change something in the config now that i've switched to the DueX5?

  • administrators

    As stated clearly in the wiki, you cannot use those test pads on a DueX5 to connect external drivers. On a DueX2 you can connect external drivers to the 3 sets that have no stepper driver chip connected.

  • Ok, plan B.

    What about adding the Adafruit SX1509 board to get the extra IO? Is that possible as-is?

  • Ok, found the wiki section about the SX1509. That all looks easy.

    Do i need to do anything special to configure the I/O 0 as an input or I/O 15 as an output?

    Based on the documentation, pin 27 of the SX1509 is I/O 0 and that maps to the E2_Stop which would be the W axis end stop. Correct?

    Also, I have filament monitor sensors that I'd like to connect, but M591 only accepts endstops on the main board, not through the expansion board or IO. How can this be accomplished I am using all endstop connections already (X,Y,Z,U,V and I have a PanelDue so 10-11 are out also)?

    One last question or maybe a future request. It looks like the SX1509 boards can be daisy chained up to 4 of them together. Not that I need any more IO than a single card could provide, it may be nice down the road.

  • administrators

    In firmware 1.21RC1 the additional endstop pins on the Duet expansion connector should work when there is no DueX board connected.


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