Tool not showing up in web interface

  • I have a tool that i am trying to define. It is the W axis and is being setup to be a laser axis.

    When I define is as M563 P3 or M563 P3 X0, the tool does not show up on the web interface. When defined as M563 D2 X0 (D2 is unused currently), it will show up.

    IS this correct? I will ultimately need to use D2 for another axis, so it would be great to get the M563 P3 working.

    fw is 1.2 for both web control and duet firmware

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    M563 P3 X0 works for me. Make sure you have the Tools view selected in DWC, not the Heaters view.

  • I must have fat-fingered something cause it is working now.

    Thanks for the quick reply.

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