Which Electromechanical relay

  • Hi

    I want to use an Electromechanical relay to switch the current on and off going to the 24v power supply using the PS_ON connecter on the Duet Ethernet.
    The problem is that I'm a Machinist and not an Electrician and I don't know which relay to use!
    There are so many different ones out there.
    Maybe someone could recommend a good relay to use.


  • So you'll be supplying 5v power permanently using a USB supply or similar, so you need a relay with a 5v coil on the low side. Search for 5v power relay module.

    These type of units often have transistors, diodes and opto couplers to protect your duet board from either high-voltage or flyback voltage from coils de-energising. They need to be powered from your USB power source also.

  • Thank you Simon!
    That helped tremendously! Using the right words in a search changes everything.
    When I was searching for " Electromechanical relay " I was only coming up with the relays by themselves,
    but when you search for " 5v power relay module " you get a total different results .

    Thanks again

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