Our 3 meter high delta powered with Duet and DC42 firmware!

  • We have 2 versions of big printers: 3M high (1.5m printheight and 1m diameter) and a 3.5M high (2m printheight and 1m diameter)

    This is our 3.5M high version:

    Thanks to the guys of T3P3 and Escher (DC42) this runs so smooth and prints so fast!

  • This sounds impressive, but the images don't seem to work. πŸ˜•

  • How about now?

  • Some more pictures:

    On transport to Canada:

  • Wow. That is a serious printer! πŸ˜„

  • Those must be quite a centrepiece and showstopper. What are the specifications?

  • Specifications:

    Aluminium hexagon frame
    5mm Lexan panels on every side (2 front panels are doors)
    woven carbon arms with couplings
    1m diameter silicon heater of 1500W
    a heat distributor and a 6mm hardened mirror of 1m
    Duet with DC42 firmware (best there is!!! these guys rocks)
    7.5m Ledstrip
    E3D Vulcano hotend
    Belt driven cold end extruder
    Travelspeeds of 400mm/s and printing at 120mm/s
    Resolution around 20micron
    Software to slice such big objects is Simplify3D

    Ehhhh am i missing some specs? Please let me know.

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    Wow! Those are serious printers, awesome work guys!

  • How thick are the carbon arms?

  • @tomasf:

    How thick are the carbon arms?

    And what rod ends are you using?

  • The arms are 12mm diameter hollow with RC Baja rod ends.

  • Wow, that's some machine - congratulations.

    Did you have to put "Size does matter" in your sig? Suddenly having only a 1.5 metre tall CoreXY makes me feel inadequate πŸ™‚

  • Yeah I think my new 1m delta is big haha. Still next project - micro delta which will be 1/100 the size of that largest one!

  • It's just plainly beautiful!

  • LOL a micro delta is here also… 30cm total height πŸ˜‰

    Our basic models are: 650mm tall, 850mm tall and 1250mm tall.
    The big ones we build are 3000mm and 3500mm

    We made alot of those big ones allready and i am developing a even bigger one... πŸ˜‰

  • Wow that thing is massive!

    The hex delta I'm planning is based on the Hexagon v2, but built with 2060 extrusion, βŒ€305mm round bed - with the DuetWifi for brains of course - and 5mm polycarb panels to enclose it all, so it's currently looking quite close in shape, (albeit dwarfed in size) to your impressive monsters.

    I wish I could just buy one of yours, but I don't have anywhere near enough money for even the smallest one (T650) you guys make, so I'm going down the DIY route and buying bits as I can afford them.

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    @dvmourik, what stepper motors do you use on those big deltas? Do you use external drivers with them?

  • Amazing,

    congratulations to this impressive build.
    You should offer this giant with a UPS to avoid a big print to be ruined when the power fails (after a week of print time πŸ™‚ )

  • Hello David and Pumlux,

    We have 2 versions. The wired duet with soldered our own external stepper drivers with wires on it. And we use the internal drivers on Nema23 motors. The last one is not the fastest but sure works well.

    We only use quality materials for the printers so we know the printquality is there too. Duet is sure the best board we tried (and we have tried around 11 boards)

    Hopefully you can make a version like i told Roland (Wifi and/or RJ45 with TMC drivers like the Wifi and pin/headers to connect external steppers)

    Now i am going to draw our newest request… 20m tall printer... with pellet extruder instead of filament....

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    20m? that I have to see!

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