Heightmap not looking good

  • Hiya,
    My 3d printer is working well, along with the Bltouch which has been soldered to a 240ohm resistor(faster and improved readings), However, when the hieghtmap comes up after a successful probing with the g29 command , the bed looks extremely wonky.

    And yes the coupler is broken, if any one knows how to fix it, please advise, as this wasn't the case during the probing sessions,

    Also how would i make a heightmap from the g32 command instead i.e. use pre-configured probing points instead of random ones (g32 vs g29)
    my bed.g looks like this:

    ; bed.g
    ; called to perform automatic bed compensation via G32
    G28 ; home all
    G91 ; relative mode
    ;M557 X-22:150 Y-22:150 S15       ; Define mesh grid
    G1 Z4 F200 ; move Z 4mm for clearance
    G90 ;absolute mode
    ;M401 ; In lieu of macro - call GCode for deploy probe
    ;G29 ; run auto bed mesh level
    ;M402 ; In lieu of macro - call GCode to retract probe
    ; Probe the bed at 5 points
    G30 P0 X1 Y1 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P1 X1 Y138 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P2 X155 Y138 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P3 X155 Y1 H0 Z-99999
    G30 P4 X80 Y69 H0 Z-99999 S
    G1 X10 Y10 F5000

    What you see above is me trying both setups, the g29 probes then stores its data in the heightmap. The g32 part that also probes doesn't store anything but does bring up an empty viewer for the heightmap.

    Please Help!!!!

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    Those couplers are only held together by friction between the aluminum and rubber parts. They are only good for compression forces. When the nozzle touches the bed, it pulls those type of coupler apart. You can push it back together, but it will just keep happening when you probe.

    I used them for a bit, and they do work well in normal operation, they don't have the same springy effects of the typical couplers, but they do have this unfortunate downside. I ended up switching back to spring couplers on my i3.

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