Sensor offset X and Y

  • Hi,

    I have another dude. I have read, that this can be do, but… What it's the correct form of do it?

    I explain...

    I have Zprobe at 15 mm aprox far from. Nozzle.

    When I autocalibrate or autocompensate, the test point are referred to Nozzle position.

    How I can do that the test point have an offset from nozzle.


    When test point x0, y. In reality I am probing x15 y0... Zprobe it's mounted with offset.

    How I can do, that when press autocalubrate or autiocompensation.. Nozzle moves to x-15 y0, and doing this the point of Zprobe test will be x0 y0

    It's clear the idea? Sorry for my poor english

  • G31 has X and Y offset parameters. [c]G31 X15 …[/c] would probably do what you want.

  • @tomasf:

    G31 has X and Y offset parameters. [c]G31 X15 …[/c] would probably do what you want.

    yes, is this…

    but this offset, its for calibration and/or compensation?

  • If your sensor is offset in x and/or y then use for calibration doesn't directly require this offset data as it only needs to measure the height of the bed under the probe, but indirectly it needs to know where on the bed it is probing and since the coordinate system refers to nozzle position the offset data is useful. (it will also use the offset to avoid probing outside the bed assuming you've defined your travel limits based on nozzle position correctly).

    For compensation/levelling the offset is translated to nozzle position for each probed point, so when the nozzle next passes over that point when printing, it does so at the correct height. Assuming your probe is accurate.

    As a maker of probes which have no x or y offsets as they use the nozzle to touch the bed, there are great advantages; no offsets to work out, you can probe anywhere that you can print, they're lighter and less of an obstacle and much more accurate than most offset probing methods. See my signature if your offset probe eventually begins to annoy you, mine did that's why I got into the business of making probes better.

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