Personal guide for use Calibration and Compesation

  • Hi,

    how i haved a lot of dudes how correct setup, i have made a guide with the steps to follow, things to keep in mind:

    • I put it here, so that those who have more experience, check it
    • My native language is not English
    • If the info included its not correct, please DC42 erase the post ,I do not want to create confusion
    1 - Homing         ; DWI or G28
    2 - Adjust the Offset of the Zprobe
            2.1.- Heat the bed           ; To take thermal expansion into account, I at T = 90C
            2.1.- Go down until you touch the bed (folio)
            2.2.- When the Nozzle touches the bed, set that point as Z = 0           ; Gcode / Macro (G92 Z0)
            2.3.- Test the bed; Raise the head about 15mm and commit gcode (G30 S-1)
            2.4.- Aim "Stopped Height"           ; In the console eg: "2,46"
            2.5.- Edit "config.g"
            2.6.- Search and edit the G31 line and put in Z = Stopped Height           ; eg G31 P25 X0 Y-15 Z2.46
                    ** Record changes BUT DO NOT RESET !!!
                    *** With this we have adjusted the offset of the zprobe with the nozzle ***
    3- Calibrate
            3.1.- Edit with DWI, bed.g file
            3.2.- Write in the points for calibrate, i have used the web [url][/url]
            3.3.- Calibrate, gcode (G32 or DWI)
            [b]****it seems obvious (I fail in this), but check that the points in bed.g are INSIDE the coordinates of the bed***[/b]                                 
    4- Compensate
            4.1.- Edit config.g; This step is not necessary if we already have it
            4.2.- Adjust the compensation mesh; ; This step is not necessary gcode line (M557)
            eg: M557 R145 S15; Configuration for radio delta 145mm every 15mm
            4.3.- Save changes
            4.4.- Make sure that Zprobe is deployed, this step will depend on if the zprobe you use has to be deployed
            4.5.- Begin the compensation; ; By DWI or G29, depending on the detail (M557), it will take more or less
            4.6.- When finished, you will receive a report with
            the result.
    4.7.- OPTIONAL: Test the compensation
            4.7.1.- Using the DWI, bring the nozzle to x0 y0
            4.7.2.- Using the DWI, lower the nozzle until it rubs a sheet (Paper thing)
            4.7.3.- Using the DWI, move the nozzle around the perimeter of the bed, a little separated
                    - Do it in small increments about 10 mm
                    - Always have the folio under the nozzle and check that it is stuck
            4.7.4.- If the nozzle remains stuck to the folio, the compensation is fine, this can be done
            because the compensation also affects the movements that are made with the DWI
    5- Ensure Duet uses the compensation created
            A) - Include the gcode G29 S1 in the home file (Homedelta.g in my case)
            B) - It can also be done by including G29 S1 the commands that the Slicer executes when starting

    Info is W.I.P.

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