DUET 0.6 heat bed power not working

  • I am using DUET 0.6 from Reprap ltd. Using 12V power supply. Recently due to some of my mistake, one of the board burnt (minor). Then I replaced with another DUET 0.6 board.

    In that it was having issues with heating the heat bed. The soldering of the screw terminal was loose and one side soldering was totally removed. So, replaced with another screw terminal on the reverse side (Which was having good soldering contact. Image attached). After that bed was heating and printed successfully 2-3 prints.

    Image link: https://imgur.com/a/oQkMq

    One week later, now again the heat bed is not working. When giving the temperature, the terminals are not showing any Voltage. I checked for the tightness of the screws. Everything is ok. What will be the issues?


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    If the bed heater LED on the Duet lighting up when you turn on bed heat? If yes, then you still have a bad connection somewhere. If no, then either bed mosfet or a PCB trace carrying bed heater current has failed. If your bed heater draws more than 10A, see https://duet3d.com/wiki/Connecting_a_bed_heater for notes on bypassing the weak PCB trace on the Duet 0.6.

    You should check the tightness of the VIN and bed heater terminal block screws frequently during the first few hours and days of use.

  • Bed heater LED was lighting up. I again removed the powe supply wires and bed wires from the board. Re-soldered it and re inserted the wires. When we tighten the wires, automatically the green connectors are askewing and the soldering become loose.

    What should be the ideal tightness?

    Because when I tight normally I fear of getting more loose. But, when I tighten it more, the screw terminal connector is moving.

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    Before inserting the wire, unscrew the terminal block screw sufficiently that you are certain that you are putting the wire above the rising clamp, so that tightening the screw pulls the wire up. While tightening the screw, hold the terminal block with the other hand.

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