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  • Hi all , I am in the middle of building my first build your own 3d printer , without any plans just using trial and error and a lot of filament.
    It is based on something like a CR10 S4 , but very much overbuilt made from 40x40 Aluminium v-slot with a internal diameter of 500x500mm between the gantries so should easy get my 400x400mm build plate.

    So far I have got Z and X axis built and homing correctly ????? , and only have the build plate Y axis to design and bed heater plus fans to get it in full operation.
    I have a flashforge pro to print now , but that was a 99% fully built end to end printer where I didn`t have to set anything up.


    Looking from behind the printer , what is the correct plus for each axis .

    I would say that Z , plus axis is up , and Y plus is back towards me , X is homing low right so left is plus is this correct ?

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    The conventional approach looking at the front of the printer is:

    +X moves print head to the right
    +Y moves print head away from you OR print bed towards you
    +Z moves print head up OR bed down

  • Thank you , so I have the end stop on the left from the front , I need to reverse the x motor and tell end stop it is high ? OOOPS

    Sorry , it`s homing right from the back now and X+ going to the left , so from the front that is left to right which is correct !!!!

  • You can have the endstop at either end for x and y but still have the origin (0,0) at the front left, but sometimes like with the z axis it makes sense for it to be at the bottom on an i3 style printer or you would have to wait 5 minutes for it to go all the way to the top and back down again.

    If you want your endstop at the high end configure it as the high end endstop S2 (I think).

    Edit you configure it as M574 X1 Y1 S1
    For X at low end Y at low end active high switch
    But if you want x endstop at the right then it would be
    M574 X2 Y1 S1.

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