X axis plus minus and Hi all

  • Hi all , I am in the middle of building my first build your own 3d printer , without any plans just using trial and error and a lot of filament.
    It is based on something like a CR10 S4 , but very much overbuilt made from 40x40 Aluminium v-slot with a internal diameter of 500x500mm between the gantries so should easy get my 400x400mm build plate.

    So far I have got Z and X axis built and homing correctly ????? , and only have the build plate Y axis to design and bed heater plus fans to get it in full operation.
    I have a flashforge pro to print now , but that was a 99% fully built end to end printer where I didn`t have to set anything up.


    Looking from behind the printer , what is the correct plus for each axis .

    I would say that Z , plus axis is up , and Y plus is back towards me , X is homing low right so left is plus is this correct ?

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