Highest temp without PT100

  • Hay guys,
    Whats the highest temp to be reached without the PT100 and Duaghter board! I am trying to print ABS, when printing thick parts the prints come out great, however the week links come with the thinner walls as if the layers are bond well enough.

    The GCODE is set to no cooling, 235 degrees nozzle temp, 80 degrees bed temp(perfect adhesion with BuildTek), and slower speeds of around 40mm/s. Nozzle size is .4

    I currently don't have the budget for the Duaghter and PT100, but would at a later stage.

    I want it to be safe enough but enough to allow good layer adhesion.
    Kind Regards

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    The limit depends on the thermistor, but it's typically somewhere between 270C and 300C. Hot enough to print ABS.

  • i currently have the genuine e3d hotend with cartridge style thermistor…


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