Clamp a direct extruder on top of the smart effector

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible to clamp an extruder (flex3drive) directly on top of the smart effector?
    It would be fixed by the standard holes in the pcb, but it would be touching the topside of the pcb on the whole surface to give it more rigidity. Would this be problem for the sensor. At this moment there is a kind of isolating ring between the bolt and the pcb for fixing the heatsink, i would use the same material between the extruder and the pcb.


  • Hello lazy_mosquito,

    Thank you for the interest, I am pleased to confirm that yes you can bolt a Flex3Drive onto the smart effector. The F3D-Duet design is provided specifically for the smart effector and is also being used as standard equipment by Roland on the new large Duet powered Kossel XL printer. The F3D Comes with integrated cooling for print and hotend utilising 24v 25mm fans (12v also available), and a 30mm fan version will also be available shortly.

    Original mounting parts for the hotend including the fibre washer and nut are retained so no changes there. A circular mount is fixed to the 3 mounting holes through the PCB onto which the Flex3Drive is secured. Piezo bed levelling performance remains unaffected, working as normal. Firmware setup is very straight forward on the Duet config. Feel free to PM or email me for more info,


  • I can’t see an F3D-Duet option on their website. Is it a special order (extra expensive…) option?

    Also, have they given any hints of the timescale is on the 30mm fan version?

  • You might want to look at the Zesty Nimble which was used during the design stage of the smart effector, which was designed by a pair of very competent engineers.

    There is also a thread here that shows the Zesty mounted to the Smart effector.

  • Hi Markdnd,

    Pleased to say the Flex3Drive SMART effector version is not a more expensive special. Its an extension of the existing wide range available, just havent gotten round to listing it as yet due to workloads, although I should prioritise this 🙂 Never enough hours.

    You can easily order if you wish to by selecting the Kossel or XY G4 and include a buyers note stating you require for the SMART effector (or just email me a note), and the appropriate version will be provided. This will include all mounting hardware and the compact cooling solution based on 25mm fans which are supplied and included in the cost, as with all Flex3Drive variants.

    Alternatively you can use 30mm fans, utilising the standard E3D hotend fan and shroud. Part cooling for 30mm fans will be along very shortly (wip), which will mount to the effector, alongside use of the E3D hotend fan and shroud.

    Feel free to pm or email me with any questions.


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