To update or not to update?

  • My delta is currently running 1.17d, running very nicely. i've not updated it since i built the machine almost a year ago, but i've been keeping an eye on the changelog and have been seeing loads of new features i'd love to try. Can i use my current config.g file or do i need to go through the painful process of generating a new one?

  • No, configuration files are not deleted.

  • You can remove the sd card, backup it, and install new firmware. If things go wrong, you can revert to the previous version by copying your backup on the sd card.

  • administrators

    You should read through the what's new file as there are some changes you need to be aware of:

    For example:

    Important! If you use an IR Z probe or some other type that does not need to be deployed, delete the files sys/deployprobe and sys/retractprobe.g if they exist, because they are now called automatically.

    As you are upgrading from pre 1.18 to later be sure to read the notes on upgrading to 1.19. that was the watershed upgrade, after that drag and drop upgrades are single and work with no issues for most people.

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