Steps per mm not what is expected/calculated

  • My board is still pretty much default really. I have done the required config changes to make it work with a Cartesian style printer on initial setup and running one of the latest firmware now, i upgraded that from the one shipped on there since I was experiencing some heater faults as you guys know. However, I realized that I was experiencing some major under-extrusion issues and went into the config.g to config my step per mm a little more, and i calculated that i needed to have 96.45 on the extruder, my setup is 1/16th micro-stepping, direct drive with a mk7 drive. However, for the machine to push through 50mm filament I need to have my steps per mm set to around the 113 steps per mm mark.

    Would you guys expect something such as this figure or would you say that there is an underlying issues either with my setup, or the config of my board? What else could be effecting this?

    My parts are pretty much the correct size when printed in the x and y direction (i think), i have printed a few different basic shapes and get the right size when i was first using the printer so i think the steps per mm on the belt driven axis (x and y) are fine, otherwise i would have suspected an issue inside all of the motors together.

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    The extruder steps/mm you need depends on the effective radius of the hobbed bolt and on the filament. I calibrate it once, then I allow for the different extrusion amounts needed by different filaments in the slider in DWC or the extrusion factor control in PanelDue.

  • That was what i was about to come onto, would you set it back down to 96.45 and then use the slider on the webUI?

    Does this slider persist through everything, restarts of the machine too? Does it then apply the multiplier on the slider to any prints being set to the printer from the SD Card?

  • I would set it in the Config.g to whatever you determined it to be by calibration then use either the DWC Slider or Extrusion Multiplier in the Slicer to adjust for anything that may need adjusting?


  • Okay, well i'm getting the correct amount through but its experiencing what i would say is slight over extrusion so i may dial it in a little more through the steps per mm or do that with the slider or flow rate inside of the software.

    Thank you for the help guys, i really appreciate it. Can always rely on such a rapid response from not only DC himself but other forum members such as yourself Dougal. Couldn't be more happy with my selection of electronic board for my first printer. Will be sure to continue supporting DC on his products. Thanks all!


  • I would also set the correct steps in the config file then you know it's right. If you get it as close as you can then in your slicer you have the option to to set the extrusion multiplier per profile for PLA, PET etc..

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