Edit heightmap.csv…??? its a long, and bored, post....

  • Hi,

    open a new tread, i think the issue in the other thread is resolved, thanks David…

    Well the principal question is edit the file [c]heightmap.csv[/c], why….? In general, in great part of the surface, when print or move, the nozzle follows the bed surface.... except in one square of the bed.

    If in DWI, i examine the 3d graph of [c]heightmap.csv[/c] after last calibration, i can see this:

    if i show de top, 2d view…. extrange...

    and if edit [c]heightmap.csv[/c] file, in [c]/sys[/c], i can see this (I have formated for clear view)…

    i have some questions….


    A- When i print a file, the nozzle follows the surface of the bed except in a corner, which separates a lot
    B- The setup line [c]M557 R125 S30 [/c] in [c]config.g[/c]


    1- Why if setup line is [c]M557 R125 S30 [/c] in [c]config.g[/c] (for a Delta, circular, printer) the graph show a square?
    2- Why 3 points of [c]heightmap.csv[/c], down left, are outside of a "imaginary square", that forms the rest of points?
    3- What relation have the file [c]heightmap.csv[/c], with the graph? the file has 10 lines, and i have probed 81 points…
    4- With an external program. Could I edit the height map, and correct those points that are out of place?
    5- I suppose, the tilt of head influences ... but, for a deviation of approximately 9 mm in 3 puoints... it seems too much, and more taking into account, that the bed is a steel plate, which will be bent, but not so ...


    A- Edit the 81 points…. and change manual this points, givin the a Z coordinate, similar of adjacents points
    B- Repeat [c]GRID COMPENSATION[/c], [c]G29[/c] until the results do not have very different points…. but are 81 points, and is slow. Moreover, if you see my [c]M557 R125 S30 [/c], I have reduced the diameter of the bed upto 125mm, but in reality it would have to be 145mm, more poits.and I have reduced it, for two reasons:

    • Reduce the number of points for Compensation to be faster …
    • The points near the edge give me problems, because although the point is inside the bed, like the Zprobe, is displaced about 15 mm from the nozzle, head tries to get out of the volume of the printer

  • think i have it….

    the points in [c]heightmap.csv[/c], are in list, not in table….

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    There is something seriously wrong with the way that bed probing is working (or not) on your machine. My guess is that the first 3 probe points with error -0.063 are correct, but the rest are wrong. Could it be that your IR sensor (if that is what you are using as the Z probe) has two trigger heights at some points over the bed, one at the correct trigger height of around 2mm, and one at a much larger height?

  • in this moment i am givin another try to BlTouch,,,, but i will come back to Mini Ir Probe…..

  • administrators

    In that case I think your bltouch is mis-triggering. The latest 1.21RC2 firmware may help.

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