Calling all 3D printer builders

  • im Looking for people who build 3D printers. and are willing to build on my companies behalf for a nice pay off.

    if ur interested please leave a message here and i will get back to you once everything is together.
    location is not an issue but the more in the UK the better.

    all printer will carry the duet card and logo this is the only solid rule anything else is up to you.

    be nice if i could have someone who can build a chocolate printer

  • Hi dmkmedia,

    I run a small 3D printing and design business in Sheffield called GeckoBox3D. We are a relatively new company but one of my first contracts has been for the University of Sheffield making a new 3D printer. We have also had a few other contracts locally project managing for start up companies as well as high end prototyping for larger businesses.

    The new 3D printer project is nearing completion and the official release will be next month. After this I will be doing a trial run selling a few more printers and if deemed profitable it will be made in larger numbers. If you are interested and you'd like to know more then hit me up, the email is

    The printer itself has a good build size of 300x200x400mm, A nearly all-metal aluminium construction, Dual nozzle E3D cyclops and duet electronics. it will also have CoreXY mechanics and piezo bed levelling technology. It is designed with a focus on user friendliness and hack ability. All source files/design files/drawings will be released to customers and eventually it will be fully open-source for anyone to make. The main focus to begin with is 3D printing but I'm hoping to expand the functionality to lab based work including precision syringes which could easily extrude chocolate or other liquid materials of choice.

    Some of the first teaser shots:

  • I have built my own delta design running the duet. I have also designed and built a paste extruder

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