Multi filament users??

  • Hi all, I got to thinking that dual/multi-filament machines don't seem as widely popular here among members as I'd have expected. While I'm not terribly interested in dual-color printing, my impression has been that dual-material printing is perhaps the only proper way to achieve high quality prints when needing support. Opinions?

    I've been planning all along to incorporate a dual system in the delta which I'm currently putting together, but if others are finding ways to make same-material support work cleanly it sure would save a lot of hassle.

  • Hi i have the Prometheus system working.
    No problem at all. Works like a charm.

  • I've got a Prometheus system on my delta. It was a bit tricky to calibrate and get going, but it works fairly consistently now. The downside is that the switches drastically increase time for complicated prints. If something needs soluble support on every layer - what would take 9-10 hours on a mixing hotend or 2 hotends took me 20.

    The upsides - one nozzle, one hotend and I can still print as usual with one material if I choose to. One nozzle is particularly important for deltas since it makes it so much easier to run the auto caibration.

    As for same material… That really depends on the model. In my case I was printing some protein chains, so the object needed supports everywhere, including those that would be literally impossible to remove normally. Soluble or break-away supports also make for a much nicer surface finish on the underside. So it really depends on what exactly do you want to print.

  • 0.o the Prometheus brigade is in full force! In the interest of fairness I'll also mention that I've tried the E3D Cyclops on the same delta. While it does work OK and you can also use water-soluble supports on it, it's a bit trickier. And it's an added hassle printing with just one material if you have a mixing hotend installed.

  • I am using flux with my old prusa style printer , I can print with 4 or even 6 color with a cheap ramps 1.4.

  • Thanks so much guys, good to hear your thoughts on this.

    Glad that the Prometheus is working well for you both, that's the system which I had already purchased (some 8 months ago when this project began). I actually ended up getting a Chimera as well a bit more recently, not knowing which system would end up proving more effective – in part because I was, as you mention, a bit concerned about all the time involved in the Prometheus' switching.

    Though I've not yet worked a great deal with anything but very simple same-material support setups on my current Chinese delta, I was pleased to find that the latest (v4) S3D seems to allow those supports to be broken away quite a bit more cleanly than previously, surface quality of course lacks any semblance of niceness.

  • Pretty ambitious claustro! 😄

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