Bltouch G92 command

  • Hiya,
    The bltouch seems to be inaccurate as a device for homing, because of this, I have to continuously go in and adjust the g92 command for that first layer.

    Please help, as the bltouch doesnt seem to be performing consistently enough.
    Currently the touch has a 240ohm resistor soldered to it.

    This is not what I imagined zhoming and bed levelling with bltouch to be.

    Kind Regards,

  • The BLTouch is known to have a large deviation between probings. Mine usually varies by as much as 0.060mm.

    I recently upgraded to an inductive probe: PL08N, which is about 10x more precise/repeatable in my setup.
    There is also a piezo-disc-based sensor from which is also very precise/repeatable.
    Or you can try microswitch-based solutions for homing.

  • I am never gonna use the bltouch again,
    especially since the acurecy is consistently of….

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