No duet web control for 0.8.5

  • I am very new to this but have been completely immersed for the last 3 days. I have finally managed to get a ping back from my Duet 0.8.5 in a cmd window after assigning a static IP address in my config.g file and bridging my wireless network adapter with my ethernet port. I just get nothing when I type the IP address into my browser (Chrome or Firefox). By nothing, I mean I get the message that the page can't be found.

    Networks are a mystery to me but seem to have been required reading in order to use one of these boards. I am trying to revive a printer that up until 3 days ago ran beautifully with a smoothieboard. I bought this 0.8.5 duet a couple of years ago when I was gathering materials for a second printer that never happened. Now I just want something that works.

    It is unclear to me whether the 0.8.5 is really supported/compatible with the current firmware releases. All of the old links in forum posts and setup guides that used to go to 0.8.5 specific information don't work anymore- they just go to a more general location:, which doesn't seem to address the use of this older board.

    Any ideas about what I might be missing?

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    Regarding the links not working, if you search on dozuki you will find the information, it was all migrated however migration of each individual link was not practical.

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    The current firmware for Duet 085 is version 1.20, available at

    If you can ping the board but the web interface isn't working, check that the web files are in the right places on the SD card, see

  • Thanks for the responses. I have firmware 1.20 installed- I will take a look at the web files when I get home from work.

    I am sorry if I sounded critical of the site when I said the links didn't work- I didn't intend it that way. I let this board sit in its box for 2 years before trying anything with it. It is nobody's fault but mine if the technology progressed beyond it in the mean time. I am seeking support for an obsolete board.

    One other possibility I dug up somewhere is that my router might not be setup to allow the web server on the duet. I just can't find any information on how I would verify any of that.

    Thanks again- I will let you know if reloading the web files on the sd card helps.

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    If you are running firmware 1.20 now then I suggest you delete or rename the old /www folder on the SD card, create a new one, and extract the contents of into it. Then check it has the right structure.

  • It looks like I got it working. I didn't see any change when I extracted the www files directly to the sd card folder. I was poking around at the rest of my settings and saw that the ethernet port I had bridged with the wifi port did not have internet access. I deleted and then recreated the bridge and this time checked both the Local Area Connection and the Wireless Network Connection boxes as adapters I wanted to use to connect computers on the network. The instructions I used yesterday made me think I only wanted one of those checked. As soon as the bridge was created I typed the IP address into my browser and the duet web control came right up.

    Thanks for the help. Now I need to connect motors and heaters and see if I can revive this printer!


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