IceSL printer profile

  • I recently stumbled uppon IceSL, which looked very interresting.

    The included printer profiles did not generate G10 and G11 for firmware retraction, so I needed to create a new profile. Maybe this is of use for someone else, so I put it on github:

    I use scripts and macros for a lot of things, so instead of generating a start and end g-code the generated g-code file relies on macros stored on the Duet. This has the advantage that you don't need to re-slice a model for everytime you change something in your start and end procedures. It also just generates the code to set the bed temperature, as selecting a tool with Tn will heat the tool up to the temperature set with G10, in combination with the filament feature of the WebUI the files generated with this profile are almost material independent.

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