Can you use an extruder stepper driver as an axis?

  • Hi all,
    My printer was working previously with no real issues but i decided to muck around with the zaxis to try and get more ridigity. Long story short i managed to damage some cabling in the process, didn't notice until a pungent 'blue-smoke' smell filled the room. Lovely. I've tested by moving the motors to other drivers and seeing them work as intended; the stepper driver on my X axis appears to be burnt out (and i can't really blame it).

    I've seen that its possible to replace the driver using a heatplate and some other tools which i clearly don't possess; its also possible to use a breakout board style scenario and route to an external driver - i have a couple of options.

    It has a second extruder driver which i'm never going to use, can i route the signal through that?


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    Sorry to hear about your mishap. Yes you can use any driver for any axis my remapping it with the M584 gcode:

  • Thank you, we're away again 😄

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