Delta Diagonal Rod length Corrections

  • Hi Everyone,

    On my Micro make D1 it is printing undersized items. I have been working through this diagonal rod length process In terms of printing, it is working fine but i am confused as to where i add in the corrections for each rod length. I can change the overall rod length with the M665 command but the process also gives me corrections for each tower and i don't know where they go.

    For example, the results of my printing give me these values to use in the config.

    OUTPUT For Repetier
    Diagonal rod lenght Corr.diagonal A Corr.diagonal B Corr. diagonal C
    238.187 -0.204 0.281 -0.077

    Can anyone help?

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    It is generally best to leave the diagonal rod length set to the value you measured. Adjust the tower steps/mm to get the Z scaling right, then recalibrate, then measure the XY scaling and use M579 to correct it.

  • The documentation says that 579 doesn't work well on a delta

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    The documentation says that 579 doesn't work well on a delta

    What documentation would that be? M579 was introduced specifically for delta printers, although it works on any architecture.

  • My bad. Read the documentation too quickly. Thanks for the help I will experiment.

    Do I add a M579 line to my config.g

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