Auto bed levelin using 3 independent Z-Axis and Precision Piezo

  • Hello,

    Iam very new in this forum and not very familiar with die RepRapfirmeware…
    The first Printer i built runs on Marlin and is very stable, the second one runs Repertier and now the third one should run RepRap but i have some issues configurating it...
    I Managed to REmap EXT0 and EXT1 for my Z2 and Z3 and now i would like to install the Precision Piezo.

    Is it possible to level the bed automatically with 3 independent Z Motors?

    In Repertier it is posible and on my second printer it works an looks like this:

  • As far as the piezo side of things goes, as long as the sensor is correctly installed and tuned, it will function to provide the data required to adjust the 3 leadscrew motors to level the bed. However I have not set up this system myself as my corexy bed is only supported on 2 smooth rods.

    Others have successfully done this though and I'm sure someone will chime in with how to do it.

    Piezo probes are ideal for this purpose due to being nozzle contact sensors with no offsets.

  • Yes this is possible and is described in the documentation:

  • thanks a lot ! those are the lines i was searching for.. where i can define the positions of the 3 independent Z-Motors

  • It's all there, read the docs! 😉
    You must create a file called bed.g and use G30 commands to define the lead screw positions.

  • The 3 point leveling works very well, just gotta be precise in your leadscrew positions. I routinely get it down under 0.01mm across the bed.

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