Reprap mendel and dual-Z motors.

  • So… The reorganization of the wiki has me quite discombobulated. Links all over the place just land you on the new page. Sigh.

    Anyways, I read somewhere, and I can't link where that the firmware was now able to control the two Z motors separately. Since I have only one extruder and thus a spare motor controller on the board, this option is attractive.

    I went through the configurator once so far, and I didn't see an option for this. I see there are headers for two motors on one controller ... so I could just do that, but I have the 2nd problem that the two Z motors are quite high power and might run on independent controllers somewhat better.

    So... help?

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    I have put redirects in for (I thought) all the old pages to the new pages. can you let me know if there are pages on the old wiki that are not redirecting properly please

    To your question there is information on how to use two drivers and two motors for one axis here:

    something like M584 X0 Y1 Z2:4 E3 should do the trick.

    Once you have that setup you might want to check here:
    for the ability to level the X axis to the bed using those motors if you have a suitable probe.

  • Ok. so… I run the configurator without the dual motors? Then I type that on the console, and that's somehow saved?

    I don't have my Z probe yet, but I have carefully pre-leveled the gantry. I assume the controller with two headers is the one meant for a 2-Z motor connection? If I wanted to use it that way until the Z probe arrives.

    Do you have some thoughts about operating the printer without the Z probe. I'm told that the Canadian wholsaler isn't going to get their new shipment of z probes until the 15th-ish of March.

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    The two headers on the Z axis are to allow you to connected two Z motors in series which is generally the way to go for a Mendel90 /Prusa i2,i3 style printer if you are going to manually level the X axis to the bed. If you gantry is level then you do not need to use the bed levelling (and I ran Mendel90s for many years without it).

    The way nophead recommended sorting Z homing on a Mendel90 is the way I would do it without a Zprobe. You have the Z endstop a Z max and home up to Z max. The Z axis length is specified to be the distance between the Z homed point and the nozzle being positioned so it just drags on a piece of paper.

  • right now, the 2nd header has jumpers on it. Is that just because they're wired in series rather than in parallel (like the RAMPS default)?

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    right now, the 2nd header has jumpers on it. Is that just because they're wired in series rather than in parallel (like the RAMPS default)?



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