G-Code to actually "send a message"

  • So… I was reading the other post about a G code to send a message. I was idly thinking it would be really cool if this thing supported basic SNMP. maybe a MIB to expose basic stats (temps, filiment used, status, etc). Obviously SNMP support would include things like TRAPs ... which could be used to trigger events on other machines.

    OK. So I'm a super network geek.

    The minimalist version would be to support a G-code with %-substitutions in the output that effectively like curl or wget. Bonus points if the G-code could get a value from the result ... although as languages go, it seems to me that G-code has no executive power.

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    I'll have to read up about SNMP. But there isn't time to fit any more new features into the 1.21 firmware release.

  • If you'd like some pointers or some help, I'd definitely make myself available. Networks are my thing. SNMP is practically 2nd nature … and proper SNMP support would rock. You could mrtg your printer(s). Woot!

    I just did quick checking and https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2907304/good-open-source-snmp-agent-for-an-embedded-device says that net-snmp (which is the code I use in many ways) is very easy to put in firmware. There is also a net-snmp related project (they say) at openembedded.org.

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    Has someone integrated SNMP into LWIP the Duet networking code is built on LWIP

  • Hopefully, we are talking about Read Only SNMP… and traps as output... no Read/Write objects in the mib... Right?

  • Well… that certainly keeps the complexity down... but doesn't the Duet IP stack have a rather permissive nature already?

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