Deployable mini height sensor

  • I've just suffered a minor disaster while trying out a new print surface. All seemed well for the first couple of layers but some time after, the print must have lifted. The resultant pile of hard spaghetti wiped out my mini height sensor and tore the mount off the main carriage. New carriage being printed (glad I didn't get rid of my old Mendel) and new sensor on order.

    So, to prevent this happening again, I was just wondering if anyone had found a way to reliably and accurately deploy and retract one of David's mini height sensors. A quick trawl around has come up with some ideas but they all seem to rely on a micro switch for positional accuracy which is going to negate the advantages of using the mini height sensor.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I thought some time ago about mechanically deployable sensor using this design (unfinished) and two strong micro magnets. Maybe this will be helpful for you. Probe can stay in deployed and printing positions, you can deploy it manually or use special place where probe can be deployed automatically. I thought about attaching micro optocoupler (optointerruptor? about 4 mm x 8 mm x 4 mm size) from inkjet printer instead of David's IR probe to the same mount. IR probe is unreliable in my case because of scratchy surface.

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