Giving thought to mounting the Duet.

  • I'm staring at my mendel. I've bought the duet3dwifi + the 7" screen to upgrade it.

    The old RAMPS 1.4 hardware fit a mounting bracket that was included with the plastic bits someone printed for me. It mounted in the lower corner of the frame, but was frankly never an optimal location.

    I've seen some pictures of a prusia mendel … where the electronics seem to be mounted to a board on the "front" slope.

    Has anyone given much thought to mounting? How much cooling does the duet require?

  • With normal Nema17 motors you dont need extra cooling as long as there is a airflow under the PCB. Nicely designed with its passive cooling. Much better then my ols 8bit board with TMC 2100 driver which had stepping losses without a big low noise 14cm fan 😉 On Thingiverse are some nice Boxes for the duet. Best is if you can mount it vertical.

  • My duet mounting. Holes above it are for 40mm fans I need to get still. The PSU will have a vented plate above the big rectangular hole.

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