BedHeat LED flashes while heating?

  • I just installed the DuetWifi and so far everything works OK.

    I'm using an ATX PSU and just started to PID tune the bed (is this even neccessary?) It currently heats up and while doing so the red BedHeat-LED flashes and the PSU makes a clicking noise. Is that how it should be or is the PSU not supplying enought current?

  • I think the LED flashing is normal. The LED is connected to the heater signal, so whenever the heater is turned on, the LED is too. So when the bed is heated with PWM, so is the LED. Not sure why your PSU clicks, though.

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    Bed PWM uses a low frequency (10Hz) so as to be compatible with all types of SSR. That's why the bed heat LED flashes. Your PSU clicking is probably a magnetic effect in the transformer as it responds to the change in load.

  • It worked alright, it heated up, so I won't be worried. Thanks for the answers! 🙂

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