What to build.

  • Hello forum…

    I might be in the market for another custom build...

    what type of printer (kinematics) will you build nowdays? (already have a coreXY)

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    My advice:

    If you want a single extruder printer then go for a delta

    If you want multiple extruders then an Idex is a good choice (you can arrange to have the multiple heads as Cartesian or corexyu).

    There are of course so many compromises when choosing a machine so alot depends on your requirements. There are things like the Diamond hotend out there is three or 5 inputs and one output.

    (moving this to general discussion - the order discussion is really for issues with ordering Duet3d products)

  • A better approach would be to first decide what sort of things you want to print. Big or small, tall or short, single colour of multiple colour, what filaments and therefore will the printer need to be enclosed, what space do you have available and is the footprint important, etc etc etc.

  • What he said, plus what is going to excite you? I made a cylinder delta as someone suggested it could be done and now I've proved that it can be. It's not the most accurate printer but it works. Either make a machine that prints what you need to print or make something unusual and innovative.

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