Expierence with the anycubic ultrabase

  • Hi
    Got my sensor working and did some experiments with my anycubic ultrabase
    It seems it is not compatible with the IR sensor
    The bed wasn't levelled since I haven't mounted the nozzle yet, just wanted to test the sensor. But the result of G29 was

    after that I did a G29 run with the ultrabase flipped, i.e. coating down with paper between the glass and the alu bed and i looks a lot better.
    So I guess, I'll have to live with out the ultrabase coating..not a big deal just a bit waste of money

    is the last result (apart from that the bed is not level) acceptable sensor/auto level-wise?

  • its not the coating…got a round 240mm Ultrabase on my delta and my highmap is all green. You said that you uses IR Z-Probe..guess its not compatible with the surface

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    That's not bad, however it looks like you have some axis twist, probably due to a pair of parallel rods having a slight relative twist.

  • yes I think the IR probe is incompatible withe anycubic, due to the coating that is partly transparent (small holes). You say it works for you with an Ultabase and IR sensor/probe?

  • dc42: problem is the bed has 6 screws at the moment , maybe I should only use 4…..
    the first image that shows with the ultrabase...what do you think about that?

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    The first height map image suggests to me a transparent bed surface with grid lines marked beneath it. When the IR probe sees a grid line, you get a peak because the relative strengths of the reflections from the top and bottom surfaces changes. If you can adjust the probing grid to avoid the grid lines, it should give better results.

  • No with the ultrabase coating the small holes are so close to each other you cannot avoid them

  • @David..the coating is like the coating on Ceran cooking field in the kitchen. Looks like its printed on the glass bed…hard to describe..works very well but obviously not so good with IR.

    @Alex..i use a mechanical probe..and smart effector is on the way..heard about too many probs with IR endstops and Z-Probes..so i never thought twice about it

  • I received my ultrabase yesterday and I have the exact same problems. I tried painting the corners of the plate with a black marker but that didn't help. I wonder if the "holes" in the coating contract when heated and if there are any difference if measured with a hot plate…

  • hmmm, never thought about that…when I measured the ultrabase I did it with a cold bed.........hard to imagine the size of the holes changes with temperature
    What I will try however is measuring it with the glass upside down. And reuse that mesh when I have the coating on top. I might have to add a fixed z-offset for that

  • The mesh that Anycubic puts down causes different heights to be selected. I t gives a result that looks like the bed is uneven. I got rid of my ultrabase as it didnt work with the ir sensor.

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