Text on PanelDue backwards (mirrored)

  • So… I got everything wired up, and I suppose pertinently, I have used a 10 conductor ribbon (about 10cm long) to connect my Duet3dWifi to a PanelDue with a 7" display.

    ... but everything comes out mirrored when I power on.

    The 10 conductor cable is keyed... so it should have the right pins in order. It didn't come in my kit, but I re-used one of the pair of 10 conductor ribbons that came with my RAMPS 1.4 electrons with screen.


  • I the PaneDue an "i7 all in one", or is it a version where you connected the PanelDue board to a separate display?

  • Not 100% sure. I bought them together, but there was a small board in addition to the display (which has a board on it … which includes the SD card reader, I think.

    Anyways... if the small daughterboard with the 10 pin connector on it is the due, then it was separate.

  • There should be a Mirror Display button in the Setup tab

  • Display or touch calibration should fix the issue.

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