Extrusion factor not 'sticking'

  • Hey,

    If I try and change the extrusion factor from my PanelDue display, I can change the value and then push "set". The new value % shows for a split second, but then reverts back to the previous value.

    I can confirm the new value has not been applied, as it is not updated in the web interface.

    If I update the extrusion factor from the web interface, then this is immediately reflected on the PanelDue.

    Any ideas why this is the case?

  • administrators

    Which PanelDue firmware version are you using, and is it extruder 0 or a different extruder? A bug in this area was fixed recently.

  • I'm using 1.20beta1 on PanelDue 7…connected by 4 core cable....everything else seems to work perfectly.

    It's Extruder 0.

  • administrators

    Thanks, I've reproduced the problem. I hope to release a new beta today.

  • Thanks! Saw the firmware release post, will try tonight.

  • Confirmed fixed with the new PanelDue firmware…thanks David!


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