IP on Display or static IP…

  • This is really annoying. AFAICT, it's difficult to set a static IP on the wifi. But that's not the worst of it. Even though I have a display, I have to get out my laptop and connect via usb to find out what IP address the thing has gotten.

    … so ... how does one convince the WiFi to have a static IP ... and the IP should display somewhere on the display.

  • Usually your router assignes IP addresses to devices that 'ask' for one (using DHCP), and on most routers you can set an option to 'always youse this address' for a specific device, or even manually assign addresses to devices the router knows.

  • darookee is correct. You can reserve an IP for a particular MAC address.

    Google "DHCP reservation" along with the make and model of your router. Then once you know the IP address of your Duet, log into your router and go to that section and reserve it so it does not change.

    You can also ping the Duet once you know what it is, and then from from a windows command prompt use "arp -a" (on Windows or Mac) to find out the MAC address to note for the future, then if you ever reset your router you should be able to use this to find it easily in your routers DHCP list.

  • on the display go to the console and send M552 with no parameters and it will return the current WiFi details ie said connected to and the ip address that has been set and it isn't that hard to set a static IP on the Duet.

    M587 S"xxxxxxxx" P"xxxxxxxxxx" I192.168.0.145 set it up nicely for me (ssid and Password blanked out for obvious reasons)

  • So you can set a static ip. That's useful thanks.

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