DWC Lockout or change head movement

  • In my Precision Machining and CNC Automation course, trained on Haas CNC mills. To prevent machine damage and expensive tool damage, my teacher locked out the largest increments on the "Handle Jog" or manual movements buttons. In the DWC under "Head Movement" there are options to move X and Y up to 100 in either direction. My printable radius is only about 45 mm…..how can I change this value to actually represent the same 10 mm as the next smallest increment or delete this option entirely from this specific machine control?

    This could be a change to not allow movements outside the printable radius, or anything that results in the same effect. Removing the option to click it entirely would be nice, just like commenting out the option.

    How would one do this? I'm trying to prevent future errors.

  • If you have your limits set then after you home the machine it should not go past the set limits.

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