300 mm/s… 270k steps/second +?

  • I was not expecting being able to move this fast. DC42, can you shed some light on this? you commented somewhere (and I wrote it down) that the Duet could process 200k steps/sec. It appears I'm way beyond that. Programmed for diagonal moves at 100 mm/s then set to 300% speed factor in DWC. The axis designated as X is the one driving the 10mm lead ball screw with a .9 deg stepper set to 16x interpolated = 640 steps/mm and so is the Y motor next to it. The extruder is running (not in video) and is set at 641 steps/mm. Is this a function of the interpolated microstepping? its super quite and motors stabilize at 50c (case temp) after running it for an hour like this. 1.2kg of ballast on the truck.

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    Last time I measured the maximum step rate it was 360KHz with just one motor running and 180kHz to each of 3 motors concurrently. With 2 motors running it will be somewhere in between.

  • That's awesome David. I'm seeing 18-1900 rpm for the steppers. Never woulda thunk. That leaves me a lot of headroom to do what I want. I'd kiss ya if you weren't thousands of miles away lol

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    There is a comparison of the achievable step rates and travel speeds supported by various electronics/firmware combinations at http://reprap.org/wiki/Step_rates.

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