DWC, Dual heater temp display bug

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    This is for @chrishamm just putting it here incase anyone else comes across the issue

    When you have dual (and possibly more) heaters in the latest version of DWC all the heater fields show the last entered temperature of that type of field. so if you set the active temperature of heater 1 it carries across to the display of the active temperature for heater2. This is a display only bug, the heater temps are still set to what you type into the field and press enter.

    This image shows the issue, G10 shows the correct offsets but the display is what was last typed into the active and standby fields.

  • Tony,

    Could it be because of the tool definitions? In the example above, I notice that both Heater 1 and Heater 2 have Tool 2 in common. Just wondering if setting the active temperature for Tool 0 carries across on the display to Tool 1 because both Heater 1 and Heater 2 have Tool 2 in common. Come to think of it, why does tool 2 have bother heaters associated with it?


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    Hi Ian

    You are probably correct, however it is still a bug because it happens when Tool 0 or tool 1 is selected, rather than just when tool 2 is selected (which is the desired functionality i suppose).

    The three tools are for a Independent X axis setup - Tool 2 uses both X carriages and prints two copies of the same thing at once:

  • Ah OK - that's pretty cool.

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