Suggestions to get me through the week?

  • I put a 300x300 heated bed on my corexy finally but realized as soon as I enabled it and the Duet reset that I didn't upside my power supply as well.

    I'm headed out of town tomorrow for work for most of the week, then to the Midwest RepRap Festival Saturday morning. I was planning on taking my printer with me this week and do some printing in the hotel room. I need to print some PETG parts to replace some PLA on the printer.

    So, I have a 320w Mean Well on it currently, and also have a 'Sompom' cheapo 360w which may or may not put out more power, but the difference is only 10%.

    I seem to remember David mentioned that there is a way to limit via PWM how much power a higher powered heater draws, but I haven't found the thread(s) yet.

    Suggestions to get by?

  • After digging into things even further, it appears I was sent a 12v bed, not a 24v. It's not dual voltage because there is only 1 set of pads. I was wondering since resistance was pretty low at around 1ohm which would put me somewhere around 550W which is really high IMO.

  • I was doing some bed work this weekend and measured both of the 12v 200w silicone heaters I have. One was .7 and the other .6 ohms. Is your meter zero'd? Do you have any resistance wire to add a couple ohms? Preferably lots of large diameter or a large resistor or small ones bundled.

  • I'm using my old Fluke 75 from 1995 and you can't zero the leads out, so it's reading .7-.8 on a short and about 1.2 on the bed. So, it's anyone's guess what it really is.

    What I decided on was to buy a 12v power supply and external MOSFET.

    I plan on testing with the 12v cranked up to max and with my spare 24v lowered as far as it will go.

    I'm not a fan of either of these options really because it's adding components onto my frame, but I'll be able to print.


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