Mechanical Endstops wiring

  • Hi,

    I'm a bit confused with how to wire my endstops. I have 6 endstops for min/max of all 3 axes but there are only 3 connectors on the duet.
    Can i simply connect the two endstops together before connecting to the duet?

    Thanks for your help.

  • administrators

    The Duet uses end stops for homing so it's normal to connect the end stops at the end you want to home to.

  • To expand on what Tony has said, if your normal homing position is the minimum of all the axes (i.eX=0, Y=0 and Z=0) then connect your min end stops to the 3 connectors on the duet. If you use M208 to set your axes maxima, then once the machine has been homed, it won't go beyond those limits so the max end stops aren't needed. If you want, you can connect all the max end stops in series and wire them to a spare Estop, then use M581 to define that as an emergency stop interrupt. In theory that would prevent the machine from crashing beyond the maxima if it were instructed to do so before the axes had been homed. Be aware though, that until David gets around to changing it, interrupts don't work during a macro and that if you use DWC to move the axes, such moves are treated as macros. So, if you instructed the machine to move beyond it's maximum limits through DWC, and the machine had not been previously homed, then the maximum end stops would still be ignored and it would crash. Therefore, best practice is to always home the machine as soon as you turn it on, and better still, lower the motor currents in your homing file and put them back up when homing is completed. HTH

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