Another Delta question X,Y,Z

  • I think this one is simple. I printed a 20mm cube test and Z is good, but X is off my .25mm and the Y by .2mm. I never calibrated the steps/mm and this is my question. On my traditional Cartesian printers, X associated with the X motor, Y with the Y motor and Z with the Z motor. N

    ow I know the Delta rails are each X,Y,Z based on connection, but does adjusting the M92 command for X, Y, Z adjust the actual X, Y, Z of the printed part or does it mess with the delta system? I know I am over thinking it, but wanted some moral support before I dive in and make changes I regret.

  • Do not adjust M92. Your Z being correct proves M92 is set correctly.

    X Y dimensional accuracy is controlled by adjusting your "Delta Rod Length", using the M665 L parameter.

    M665 L can also be auto-set by G30; if you have a good probe, like a Smart Effector, this works very well.

  • Glad I asked. I am using the smart effector, but the X,Y is still off. Hmm, I will play around a bit with the smart effectors probing.

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    It's usually best to leave the delta rod length alone in the M665 command and correct small dimensional errors using M579 instead.

  • OK, I will look into using the M579 but that may get tricky with the scaling. That said, X and Y are off nearly by the same amount so maybe it won't be too bad. Will make small adjustments until I get it in that sweet spot.

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