Manual print bed leveling.

  • Hi , Ive put this in General Discussion for it not fully a duet related topic . I have a flashforge pro with a 3 screw leveling system and thought that was a real pain to set up until Ive started to level a build yourself printer which uses 4 screws to level the bed.
    Yesterday I spent over an hour playing wack a mole and could only get 3 of the 4 corners to my full liking, every time you change one screw all the other sides alter too.
    Today Ive had a go at finding what or if there is a fault with bed level eg the rails etc , I built a platform for the Z axes to set the height from the base , 4 cubes to lock down the springs to a fixed height and 2 blocks to check to height from the bed to the gantry. From what Ive found Y is spot on , but there is a very slight difference in X.

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    Using 4 screws to level the bed is a bad idea unless the bed is floppy (which is of course also a bad thing). Three points define a plane.

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