Multi extrusion/tool change g-code/script

  • Is it possible to create a series of commands to tell the machine to reduce temp to standby and repeat the previous "x" number of lines of g-code prior to a tool change (possibly at a layer change or elsewhere) ? Ideally with retraction but no E feed. Bare with me. At my work we have a few high $$$ "professional" FDM machines. The filament feeds into the hotends (dual extrusion) which are simply long stainless tubes with the nozzle attached to the end and a heater block clamped to them. There is also no well defined heat break. The operator tells me there is rarely any stringing or oozing. I'm not 100% sure (machine wont run with door open so ya cant stick your head inside to watch) but it appears it is using pressure advance and, I'm just guessing, retracing previous tool path or a specific tool path to unload the nozzle. If we could make something like that work at the same time reducing the temp of the tool we are getting ready to switch from maybe purge towers, buckets, skirts, etc could be eliminated and end up with the dual extrusion quality these machines produce.

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    There is no firmware facility for doing that at present, but it's something we are looking at for the future.

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