Print time estimates unavailable with cura gcode

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    I am giving cura a go (the latest version, 2.3.1) and notice that the web display just shows all of the time estimates as n/a and also the % complete bar above is shown as 100% all the way through the print. Is this because cura requires the use of absolute extrusion distances?



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    It probably means that they have changed or removed the comments in the gcode file that describe the filament needed and other important parameters that RRF needs to work out the estimates. Post the first and last 50 or so lines of your gcode file (the ones that are all comments) and we should be able to confirm thus.

  • Start of file…

    ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 2.3.1
    M190 S60
    M104 S205
    M109 S205
    G28 ; home all axes
    G1 X-85 Y70 Z0.2 F8000;start of wipe
    G92 E0
    G1 E5 F500
    G92 E0
    G1 X-120 Y5 Z0.1 F8000;end of wipe
    G1 E-3 F1800
    G92 E0
    G1 X-120 Y5 Z50 F8000
    G1 E3 F1800
    G92 E0
    M82 ; extruder absolute mode
    G1 F1800 E-3
    G1 Z20.5
    G0 F3600 X4.176 Y11.706 Z.695
    G1 Z.195
    G1 F1800 E0.1663
    G1 F3000 X-4.481 Y11.672 E0.50318
    G1 X-5.059 Y11.63 E0.52574
    G1 X-5.563 Y11.526 E0.54576
    G1 X-8.911 Y10.62 E0.68073
    G1 X-14.231 Y9.434 E0.89284
    G1 X-20.252 Y8.461 E1.13018
    G1 X-20.816 Y8.33 E1.15272
    G1 X-21.357 Y8.122 E1.17527
    G1 X-21.864 Y7.841 E1.19783
    G1 X-22.327 Y7.494 E1.22034
    G1 X-22.657 Y7.176 E1.23818
    G1 X-25.323 Y4.31 E1.3905
    G1 X-25.688 Y3.859 E1.41308
    G1 X-26.024 Y3.289 E1.43882
    G1 X-26.39 Y2.538 E1.47134
    G1 X-26.607 Y2.001 E1.49387
    G1 X-26.728 Y1.543 E1.51231
    G1 X-26.825 Y1.071 E1.53106
    G1 X-26.902 Y.497 E1.5536
    G1 X-26.905 Y.01 E1.57255
    G1 X-26.869 Y-.688 E1.59975
    G1 X-26.8 Y-1.263 E1.62228
    G1 X-26.57 Y-2.043 E1.65393

    End of file...

    G1 X-14.19 Y-8.392 E914.81047
    G1 X-14.181 Y-8.402 E914.81101
    G1 X-14.099 Y-8.454 E914.81488
    G1 X-13.803 Y-8.641 E914.82737
    G1 X-13.622 Y-8.7 E914.83374
    G1 X-13.39 Y-8.776 E914.84016
    G1 X-13.104 Y-8.794 E914.84619
    G1 X-12.917 Y-8.806 E914.84892
    G1 X-12.671 Y-8.806 E914.85176
    G1 X12.858 Y-8.806 E915.52891
    G1 X13.143 Y-8.806 E915.53346
    G1 X13.348 Y-8.767 E915.53809
    G1 X13.585 Y-8.722 E915.54464
    G1 X13.852 Y-8.596 E915.55484
    G1 X13.984 Y-8.533 E915.55965
    G1 X14.29 Y-8.281 E915.57409
    G1 X14.324 Y-8.253 E915.57577
    G1 X14.363 Y-8.199 E915.57843
    G1 X14.582 Y-7.898 E915.59179
    G1 X14.644 Y-7.739 E915.59765
    G1 F1800 E912.59765
    M83 ; extruder relative mode
    M104 S0 ; turn off extruder
    M140 S0 ; turn off bed
    M106 S0 ; turn off fan
    G28 ; home
    M84 ; disable motors
    M104 S0
    ;End of Gcode
    ;SETTING_3 {"global_quality": "[general]\nversion = 2\nname = Kossel XL 200um
    ;SETTING_3 \ndefinition = custom\n\n[metadata]\nquality_type = normal\ntype
    ;SETTING_3 = quality_changes\n\n[values]\nspeed_wall_0 = =speed_wall\ninfill
    ;SETTING_3 sparse_density = 50\nsupport_xy_distance = 2\nspeed_layer_0 = 50\
    ;SETTING_3 ninfill_overlap = 25\nwall_thickness = 1\nlayer_height_0 = 0.195\n
    ;SETTING_3 top_bottom_thickness = 0.6\nretraction_combing = noskin\naccelerati
    ;SETTING_3 on_wall = None\nspeed_print = 100\nmaterial_diameter = 1.75\ncool

    ;SETTING_3 fan_full_at_height = 1\nspeed_travel = =speed_print if magic_spirali
    ;SETTING_3 ze else 120\nretraction_speed = 30\ncool_min_layer_time = 20\nspee
    ;SETTING_3 d_infill = =speed_print\njerk_wall = 5\nretraction_hop = 0.5\nline
    ;SETTING_3 _width = 0.48\nretraction_extra_prime_amount = 0.4\nspeed_topbottom
    ;SETTING_3 = =speed_print / 2\nacceleration_enabled = False\nsupport_pattern
    ;SETTING_3 = concentric\njerk_enabled = False\ninfill_before_walls = False\nr
    ;SETTING_3 etraction_amount = 3\nadhesion_type = skirt\nsupport_enable = True
    ;SETTING_3 \nlayer_height = 0.2\ninfill_line_width = 1\nretraction_hop_enabled
    ;SETTING_3 = True\nmaterial_print_temperature = 205\n\n"}

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    That is indeed the problem: Cura is not generating the comment saying how much filament is needed, that all other slicers (including the "old" Cura) generate. Also they have made the layer height setting more difficult to parse. So the only estimate that RRF is able to generate is the one based on file size.

  • What are the comments RRF uses to calculate the estimates?
    I found that when I use Simplify3D to slice different parts of the model with different layer heights, the total layers shown is incorrect.
    I haven't check if this is caused by S3D or RRF, will look into the gcode tonight.

  • @dc42:

    So the only estimate that RRF is able to generate is the one based on file size.

    But the web display doesn't even show an estimate based on file size. It shows n/a for all 3 estimation methods.

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    So the only estimate that RRF is able to generate is the one based on file size.

    But the web display doesn't even show an estimate based on file size. It shows n/a for all 3 estimation methods.

    If it still shows that after printing a few layers (can you confirm?), that sounds like a bug. Please put a smallish gcode file that reproduces the problem somewhere where I can get it (e.g. Dropbox, Google drive, MS OneDrive etc.), suitable for either a delta printer with 280mm printable diameter or a Cartesian printer with 200x200mm print area.

  • Sorry, only just noticed your last reply, I will provide you with a file.

    I have contacted the Cura devs re the lack of total filament used info in the current gcode and, yes, the current Cura no longer provides that info for non-ultimaker printers. I will work on putting that back in so I would like to know if you have any preferences in the format of the info (same as before, or different) and also I wonder about whether something different needs to be done for multiple extruders? For ultimaker printers, the current Cura outputs lines like this:


    I assume those are mm not m!

    Can the Duet just use that format? If so, I can get the same info output for non-ultimaker printers.

  • I have now modified Cura to output the total filament used in a similar fashion to how Cura 1.15 did and that appears to work as expected. What's interesting is that it also fixes the estimate based on file progress as well as the estimate based on filament usage so my guess is that when the filament usage estimate is broken, it also breaks the file usage estimate.

    Anyway, if you add the following line into the head of the above example file, the file and filament estimates work OK. However, the layer time estimate is still broken.

    ;Filament used: 0.173359m

  • Just letting you know that the next release of Cura (2.4?) should include the filament used comment in the style shown above.

  • Great work! I really missed print time estimate based on filament used in 2.3!
    Thanks a lot!

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