• I've had my Duet Wifi up and running for several days now. I've been working thru setting things up and today I unplugged it, the whole printer, to replace the wiring from the power switch to PSU. Now I have nothing, not even being recognized by the usb. I've tried rebooting, power off/on, checked all usb connections. I'm perplexed. Doesn't show up in device manager. It's like I'm back to square one and gonna have to reinstall drivers and all? Please no. It was hard enough for me the first time.

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    Are the 3 power indicator LEDs on the Duet lit up?

  • I'm seeing the red LED to the left of micro usb lit , 5 volts is lit and the blue voltage in lit. Always on fans are running.

  • At one time, I'm pretty sure the red DIAG LED to the right of the usb was lit also, but went out. Since my original post I have triggered the reset on the board. Hope that wasn't a no no.

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    Is the green 3.3V LED lit too? If not, try disconnecting your endstop switches and IR sensor if you have one, in case something is shorting 3.3V to ground.

    Pressing the reset button is harmless, but if you pressed the erase button then you will need to re flash the firmware using sam-ba.

  • Disconnect power, unplug endstop switches, power back up?

  • Thanks dc42 for pointing me in the right direction. Turned out to be faulty Z endstop switch. Luckily, I had another. Now let me see if I can reconnect. Yes! Good to go.

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