Rewire "EZABL" (capacitive NPN Z probe kit) for Duet?

  • So I'm coming from a CR-10 and there was a really easy ABL addon called EZABL, it was basically a NPN capacitive sensor.

    The sensor has a small circuit board (not sure of the purpose). The board gets fed 12v, has a 3 pin for the NPN sensor and finally a 2 pin close/open.

    Right now I have the sensor working with the circuit board still in place, but from what I've seen on here it seems like and NPN sensor like this could be wired directly (with a diode) the Duet. Are there any benefits to doing this? Will I get an analogue signal instead of the on/off signal?

    Any guidance or advice highly appreciated.

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    I think the extra board is an opto isolator. I don't see any benefit in removing it.

  • @dc42:

    I think the extra board is an opto isolator. I don't see any benefit in removing it.

    You're right, it was an opto isolator (PC817).

    After taking it out and figuring out what it's all doing I did decide to keep it.

    However, I did end up keeping out of the case, removing the bulky connector terminals, soldered JST connector wires directly in, put shrink tubing over the thing and then tucked it out of the way.

    Thank you!

  • How do you have the sensor working with the Duet? I too have the EZABL. Was there a custom configuration you made? I can't seem to get the M119 command to recognize that the sensor is triggered when I trigger it manually.

  • @norbs12 How did you get the EZABL working? I also have a CR-10 with a Duet wifi...

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    How are the output terminals of the opto isolator board labelled? They are obscured by the cable in the photo.

  • @longb99 I honestly gave up on it, hooked it up to the end stop I believe but I never got enough accuracy for much repeatability. The bed leveling mesh made with the ezable sensor was near useless. I'm using the $25 IR probe from Works rather well with this and I can print without playing with baby-stepping at the start of each print.

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