PanelDue does not show DUET data

  • Hi,

    after some tries…and thinking it was a wiring problem, buy the following cable from Amazon, to join Due Panel with Duet Wifi

    But the results obtained are the same as with the cable made by me … PanelDue does not show the information of the Duet board ... But if I order it to move from the LCD panel ... the printer, the Duet board , answer this moves.

    This happens to me since I updated the firmware, from the stock I was carrying, I think it was 1.17, to the last beta ... at the moment I think I have firmware 1.19 installed ... but the same....

    Maybe it's a configuration issue, I've tried the different bps options, but none of them works for me. Which is the most appropriate?

    Any idea what it could be?


  • Hi….

    a theory ... is it possible that the cables i am using are very long? that for version 1.17 of the PanelDue firmware, they would be useful ... but for the new version they are very long?

    What are the length limits?
    Are they the same whatever the firmware? (They've changed?)

    P.D .: I think this question I already asked ... and it is answered, but I can not find it, and also check that the length limit of the can...
    P.D.2: I have find here that the upper limit of de ribbon cable is 400 mm, not recomened more of 200 mm, the mine have 400 mm, maybe to close to the limit…

  • administrators

    Which version Duet and PanelDue do you have? To use the ribbon cable alone you need to use a Duet with PCB revision 1.02 or later, and PanelDue version 3 or later.

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